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Components and Assemblies

Case Study 1

Automotive Components and Assembly

Our customer is a large and innovative manufacturer of buses. We have been a supplier to them since 2005, over which time we have gone from supplying two aluminium cast parts to currently supplying four assemblies with each assembly consisting of between five and nine parts.

These include:

Forged and high pressure casting corners

Extruded toggles

Specialist bolts – Alloy Steel Durluk Hex. Flange Bolts, High Tensile Torx Head Screws


Our relationship has been transparent to the point that one of our customer's representatives has visited our supplier in China and Taiwan. As an exercise to reduce the risk of supply disruption, we are currently working with the customer to identity and mitigate against risks in the supply chain.

Customer Benefits

Cost saving with low cost product and assembly

Pricing stability with long contracts and currency hedging

Door delivery with no hassles of importation

Dimensional and destruction testing, material certification and traceability

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