Manufacturer of Metal Engineering

Components and Assemblies


Asco Fixings is fully committed to Total Quality Management. Our India manufacturing factory is fully accredited to TÜV EN ISO9001:2008 while in the UK we are accredited to BSi approved to ISO9001:2008. We are fully aware of the rigorous quality requirements demanded by customers and expect nothing less from our performance.

Equipment for testing during manufacturing

2.5D Video Measuring Machine


Vernier Calipers

Go-No-Go Gauges

Height Gauges

Thread Gauges

Bore Gauges

Profile Projector

Custom testing jigs

Equipment for testing after Electroplating

Chemical Testing Lab

pH Meter (0- 14)

Salt Spray Test Chamber

Plating Thickness Gauges  

Equipment for testing after Heat Treatment

30 ton Fully Computerised Universal Tensile Tester

1 kg Fully Computerised Vickers Hardness Tester

Hardness Tester

Compression Testing Machine

Vickers Hardness Tester (1-10 kgs)


Spectrology report

Tensile testing

Dimensional analysis


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